Friday, December 6, 2013

The hills are sort of alive with the TV version of the Sound of Music

Let me state right now that I loved the original movie, "The Sound of Music." and I was well aware that this is the stage version. I was all excited to see a new and different one with even more music.  And then I watched it.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad in fact it had some very good parts.  Casting professional Broadway actors and actresses was genius.  Casting Carrie Underwood as Maria was just for the hype.

Carrie Underwood is beautiful and an awesome vocalist.  Her songs sure didn't disappoint, but her acting, well lets just say that sometimes you do one thing really well and others not so much.  Through the whole show when she wasn't singing I was cringing.  It didn't help her that the others in the cast were so darned good that they overshadowed the supposed star of the show!  Maybe Kristin Chenoworth can do both but Carrie is no Kristin Chenoworth.  So Carrie although I love you and your singing, please, please don't quit your day job.

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